Preggo Fashion Forward…and smmmmmmmmart!

We know the market is saturated with pregnancy attire. But we would be remiss should we not share with you the smartest Preggo fashion on the market. It’s the Versatile Dress! Since when is versatility fashionable?? Since Pouch produced this lightweight, silky-feeling, wrinkle-proof, dress for your pregnancy-hormone-mood-changing attitude Versatile Dress.

Prime Time Radiance hosted a Twitter Party this past January for Styling Preggonistas. Pouch graciously provided a giveaway of 1 Versatile Dress. Our winner was so excited with her new dress that she wrote the following review for us….

(following written by Naomi Avalon)
I received a very beautiful dress called The Versatile Dress. It comes in a little pouch the size of a pad of paper. I would have thought when I pulled it out it would be creased from the folds…
To my surprise it was pristine. I couldn’t wait to put on the cool, silky material.
Today was my first chance to wear the dress. I put it on and played around with the many fun ways to wear it.
I ended up wearing it as a high waisted skirt. I thought I looked great. I must also say that I was extremely comfortable in the light and cool fabric.
I recommend this dress to everyone. I’m not even pregnant. It makes me feel¬†attractive.¬†
There are so many ways to wear it you can wear it everyday. The fabric feels so good you’ll want to.

Thank you so much for this.
Naomi Avalon