The BLT, The Sub, PB & J…

(contributed by Audrey M.)

Sandwiches have always gotten such a good rap. Even a cheese
sandwich takes the …bread(?).

There’s one kind of sandwich which is not as
heavily desired but becoming more and more common. It’s the Sandwich Generation
(…the Club Sandwich, the Open-Faced Sandwich).

With the growing number of Prime Time Parents
(parenting after 35+) there’s a rise in members of this “Sandwich Generation”.

What is the Sandwich Generation?

Often referred to as the generation caught
between two others, The Sandwich Generation is the group of people caring for
children as well as their aging parents. There are various factors that
contribute to the growth of the Sandwich Generation. The first we mentioned was
women having children later in life. Another, the older generations are living
longer. Statistics are showing that over 80 year olds are the fastest growing
population. That means there are more elder folks to take care of, for an
extended period of time.

This can put the squeeze on the caregiver who
must spend their resources (money, time, energy) on both their children and
parents. This pressure leads to health problems for the caregivers

The Christian Companion Senior Care and
Presto Services Inc. commissioned a study that found that “Sandwichers”…
feel forced to choose between caring for their children or caring for their
parents at least once a week.
20% feel they must choose to care for one or
40% believe that their parents did a better
job of balancing multi-generational caregiving than they do.

Are you a caregiver? Are you a Sandwich
Generation caregiver?

Perhaps you’re stuggling with some of the
pressures, stress and responsibilities of being a Sandwich Generation

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