The Forgotten Foodie

Were you last to be chosen for kickball? No date for the prom? Always a bride’s maid?
Let’s just face it. It’s no fun to be left out!

This week’s PTR Twitter Party is for YOU!
The Forgotten Foodie
Sunday, June 26, 9:30pm est #PrimeTimeRadiance

dedicated to
the Gluten-iers, Celiac Sensors, Shellfish Shunners, Peanut Pardoners, Lactose Loathers, Egg-norers, Dearest Diabetics, Victorious Vegans, strictly Kosher consumer…

Whether you are at a BBQ this summer or at Aunt Barbara’s 60th, how can you party like everyone else?

The Foodie revolution has begun. These days there are multitudes of options for special people with special dietary needs and concerns. No longer do we have to feel uncomfortable holding a plateful of celery.

We welcome a delectable panel:

1. Allergic Girl, Sloane Miller, author, supporter, informant, is our allergic living & loving expert.

2. Outreach Director for the Defeat Diabetes Foundation,
Dawn Swidorski, will teach us about the challenges of being diabetic and how it IS possible to live & love your food in the real world.

3. Levana Kirshenbaum, the renowned NYC chef, teacher, author of 4 cookbooks including Levana Cooks: Dairy-Free & her latest The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen is a gluten-free expert as well an advocate of natural, healthy food preparation.

WIN Fab Giveaways:

(2) Allergic Girl by Sloane Miller  
(2) The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen by Levana Kirshenbaum
(2) Peanut Butter & Co gift packs.
(2) Prize packs from
Redwood Hill Farm and Green Valley Organics

Follow These Steps to Qualify to Win Wonderful, Healthy Prizes

1. Tweet:

Jn #PrimeTimeRadiance 4 The Forgotten Foodie TwtrPrty @AllergicGirl @DefeatDiabetes1 LevanaCooks SunJune26 930pET RSVP

***RSVP here with comment “Forget Me Not”

Increase Your Chances to Win:

2. Visit Leave a comment about a food allergy you would like to learn more about.
3. LIKE Allergic Girl by Sloane Miller on FB.
4. Check out Allergic Girl on Let us know what video you watched.

5. Visit Let us know what Gluten-Free recipe you would like to try.
6. LIKE Levana Kirshenbaum on FB.

7. Visit Tell us that you want to defeat diabetes.
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9. LIKE Redwood Hill Farm Creamery on FB; LIKE Green Valley Organics on FB.

10. Follow @AllergicGirl @DefeatDiabetes1 @LevanaCooks @PeanutButterCo @GVOlactosefree @PrimetimeParent @GiveMeMilk @PrimeTimeRadian on Twitter.

We Look Forward to Learning & Tweeting With You on Sunday Evening!


Dads Can’t Be SICK For Father’s Day!

There’s only one affliction able to take down your man, your rock of gibraltar, your family’s brilliant strategist.

More powerful than a root canal & food poisoning;
Able to leap your man’s brawn;
Up-loaded on YouTube, it’s…

The Man Cold.

On Sunday June 12 @9:30pm ET we’re exploring:

What exactly is the Man Cold;
How it differs from The Cold;
How to obliterate it without therapy and delay.


Before you put up that pot of chicken soup…
see how Lifeway Kefir is healthy, wealthy and a wise choice when the father figure in your life is under the weather. Win (2) prize packs of Lifeway Kefir products.
Also, Garden of Life is a leader is wellness with top quality products. 2 lucky winners will receive Primal Defense from Garden of Life.

Follow these steps to qualify to win prizes.

1. *Tweet: Jn @primetimeradian 4 Cure the MAN COLD #primetimeradiance Twtr Party w @Lifeway_Kefir & @GardenOfLifeRaw on Sun June12, 930pmEST rsvp j

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We look forward to tweeting with you on Sunday evening.

The Dairy Diaries

Any dairy fantasies??? Mozerella, cheese cake, ice cream cake?

From day 1 on earth it’s all about the milk! While you’re searching your memory for that nurturing nectar, we’re going to be opening the Dairy Diaries… stories and memories of Dairy; dairy addicts, dairy allergies, dairy diehards, dairy meals, dairy fairies, dairy darlings, dairy mustaches, dairy dignitaries, dairy farms, dairy resistors, derriere’s, dairy dreams…

And we’ll be answering the big question, “Where’s dairy heading?”

The Dairy Diaries twitter party, Sunday June 5, 9:30pmEST #PrimeTimeRadiance

RSVP below with your dairy fantasy. Something like, “I found myself skinny dipping in a lake of yogurt…”

What kind of a virtual discussion about dairy would it be without some prizes to satisfy your dairy cravings (in real life)!

(2) Variety cases of Chobani yogurt, which we love because they carefully craft each cup of their yogurt to perfection, using only the highest quality natural ingredients. That means no funny stuff you can’t pronounce. Just fresh milk, real fruit, and natural sweeteners—like pure clover honey in our 0% Honey Chobani.

(2) Great prizes from Kosher Advantage so you can save on your next night out at a restaurant in your area.

Follow these steps to qualify to win these prizes….

1. *Tweet: Jn @primetimeradian 4 #primetimeradiance #DAIRY TwtrParty w/@KosherShopaholi on Sun June5, 930pmEST rsvp

RSVP here and with comment “I love healthy cheeses.”

For more chances to win…

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We look forward to tweeting with you on Sunday evening.