Drop The Sugar, You’re Sweet Enough

Everybody knows someone with diabetes; a dear relative? your best friend? My friend’s dog had diabetes. I was astounded to find out that over half our pets in the U.S. are at least 35% overweight.

While not everybody who’s considered overweight is diabetic, being overweight increases chances for diabetes as well as heart problems and some cancers.

We know it’s hard to maintain a healthy weight in an environment that is bombarding us with mostly unhealthy choices and marketing that’s hijacked our emotional consciousness since we were little kids watching favorite sports figures and celebs with a Coke in hand. Breaking these chains is hard for all of us. Add life pressures from your job, the economy and the kids. It’s enough to make you reach for a quick Coke fix.

Like we said, we know it’s hard. But the threatening possible outcome of a sugar-full life could be diabetes, the monsterous sugar illness. Right now there’s an epidemic of overweight and diabetic youth in our country. These are children as young as elementary school age who are at risk.

With great pride we invite you to our “You’re Sweet Enough” Twitter Party, Sunday, May 1, 9:30pm EST. On Sunday we have the opportunity to tweet with Dawn S., the Public Outreach Director for Defeat Diabetes Foundation www.DefeatDiabetes.com

We’ll take a look at:
“How can we keep our risk low?”
“What’s the difference between high-fructose-corn-syrup and sugar?”
And should we make the decision to kick sugar, we’ll formulate together, “How to stay our SWEET selves in a new sugar-free world?”

One of the ways is taking care of our sweet-selves.
Soda Stream is a brand helping us do that, www.SodaStreamUSA.com with what’s been dubbed the Mini Soda Machine. I like to call it the “Mighty Mini” Soda Machine.

Store bought soda is a huge culprit to our health, ladening our bodies with chemicals and tons of sugar. Actually it’s high-fructose-corn-syrup. Soda Stream allows you to carbonate your own water at home. That’s (almost) cost free, carbon footprint free, calorie free, fat free, sugar free seltzer. Now Soda Stream does have flavor packets you can purchase and add to your seltzer. Some are just like name brand sodas (They have to please ALL their fans.) But they have Green Tea’s and Ice Tea’s as well as the Essence line of unsweetened flavors, like mint, lemon-lime, orange and raspberry.

Adding flavors or sweeteners is under your control. That’s key. 

Soda Stream brings to the table an economical, ecological, health supporting product. It’s about time commerce got on our side. Thanks for a great product, Soda Stream. *(Check Soda Stream product review.)

Some lucky party attendee will be winning a Soda Stream (Mighty Mini Soda) machine. (MRP $149.99)

RSVP For “You’re Sweet Enough” Twitter Party
Sunday May 1, 2011, 9:30pm EST by sending this TWEET:

PLS RT Join @primetimeparent @givememilk 4 #primetimeRADIANCE “You’re Sweet Enough” Twitter party SunMay1, 9:30pmET. RSVP http://bit.ly/4wxe8y

Then type:
“I’m Sweet Enough!” in the comment box below. Don’t forget to be at the party to WIN.

For extra entries to win Soda Stream (Mighty Mini) soda maker:

1.Check out http://www.DefeatDiabetes.com and leave a comment at primetimeparenting.com about something new you learned about diabetes.

2.Check out http://www.sodaStreamUSA.com and leave a comment at primetimeparenting.com about what Sparkling Naturals flavor you would like to try.

3. On Facebook “Like” both SodaStream and Defeat Diabetes Foundation. Leave a comment at primetimeparenting.com

4.”Like” Prime Time Radiance on facebook and leave a comment at primetimeparenting.com

5.Check out our new Prime Time Radiance channel on youtube.com and let us know what video most interests you.

6.On Twitter, “follow” @primetimeparent, @givememilk, @defeatdiabetes, and @SodaStreamUSA

Sunday night, 9:30pm EST!! It will be a great hour of learning, sharing and winning.
http://www.PrimeTimeParenting.com @primetimeparent & http://www.GiveMeMilk.com @GiveMeMilk


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